news ! - smooth criminals

"brown gingham tote" - "quiltizm collection"
8.800,- HUF

"my favourite waistbag" - denim 02

"watermelon ray" cosmetic bag

"busy turquoise" laptop bag
11.800,- HUF

"rings and ric-rac" key holders with purse "quiltizm collection"

"my favourite waist bag" denim 02
5.200,- HUF

"my favourite waist bag" -stripes
5.200,- HUF

"the miniaturizer" key holder with band and hook - violet
1.800,- HUF

"the miniaturizer" key holder with band and hook -brown
1.800,- HUF

"my little dossier" - dots on black
3.200,- HUF

reversible shopping tote - khaki/indigo flowers
2.900,- HUF

"my little dossier" document holder
3.700,- HUF

"the hairdresser" khaki/red
13.400,- HUF

"tootsie" shoulder bag black/green

"turquoise tote" "quiltizm collection"

"aunt Rosie" cosmetic bag

"bookmark" denim/dots

"tootsie" shoulder bag roses on black

"bookmark" tote denim/garden

"crowdy theater" denim "quiltizm collection"

"my favourite flat waist bag" brown gingham

"manta ray " cosmetic bag " quiltizm collection"

purses "quiltizm collection"

"from brown to mildew garden" purse "quiltizm collection"

"turquoise garden" bowling bag "quiltizm collection"

"violet/green crazy quilt " "quiltizm collection"

" purse-the librarian girl series" purse "quiltizm collection"

purse baby pink "quiltizm collection"

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